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Where do we begin? We should probably start by proclaiming the love we have for our work and what we're striving to do. So, what are we doing? Good question! A question we find difficult to define an exact and concise answer to! At the moment, we're sourcing products from multiple retailers and companies throughout the UK; we're doing our own upcycling projects; we're encouraging people to have plants in their homes; repairing and servicing garments; and a few things to come in the future.

The products we deal with are generally new and may be missing the original tags; it could of been dropped in storage and got a bit dirty; someone could have opened a package with a knife and managed to slash through the material; could be deadstock from past seasons; and so forth! The retailers from whom we source our products, can no longer sell these items as new, even though technically, they are an unused item.

Now, this is where we first conceived the idea of Klaede (Danish for cloth)... How can we repair these items? Because, a lot of these items still have a lot of life! And what a shame it would be for these items to eventually reach a place such as landfill! It's sacrilege! So, the patch was the plan. The colour branding of the patches take inspiration from the world we live in, biomes and enviroments such as the rainforest, ocean, deserts, and air we depend upon.

Other items have been used and returned, generally due to a defect. In these cases, where the item is defective, we will use our signature Klaede scatterstitch to repair it! Which not only reinforces the product, but we think it looks cool. The patches were the initial idea for the repairs, and still will be used in cases, but they're also a symbol signifying that the product is repaired and usable once again!

This is at the core of our ethos: wear it out before you throw out.

If you've got this far, thanks for reading! Hopefully this is enough insight for the time being to provide an impression of what we're trying to do.

- The Klaede Team

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