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Unisex, cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious blended fragrances.

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Unisex, cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious blended fragrances.

Taking inspiration from nature found around us; the flowers, herbs, and botanicals of Britain, and beginning to explore further into unique fragrances emulating the aromatic spices of Morocco, to the Southern fields of France. Using these environs as an inspiration, they're evocative of place, nature, scenery, and culture... All blended in a way to react to the wearer's skin, developing over the course of the day - revealing their uniqueness! Made in their UK-based laboratory, Science meets the Art of perfume blending! Resulting in a voyage for the nostrils and the imagination involved!

Underpinning this relationship with fragrances, doing no harm is at the very core of Laboratory Perfumes ethos. Using botanicals found as local as possible (within a 130 mile radius!), whilst no animals are subject to testing. All the ingredients are typically essential / fragrant plant oils, of which are all skin-kind, and free from parabens. All perfumes are vegan, whilst all the candles are made from Parrafin wax (excluding the Atlas candle, which must be infused in beeswax to protect the integrity of the perfume).

The selection they offer includes not just perfumes, but also candles! Whilst a discovery set offers the wear to find which fragrances they prefer.

We here at Klaede Projects are truly fond of these fragrances, and funnily enough, we all have individually discovered that we all have our preferences! We all react differently! I feel like Laboratory Perfumes have something for everyone, without adhering to gender or age prescription. This allows everyone to appreciate it, it is powerful! Yet non-intrusive, they're welcoming, fresh, unique for certain! Ever since we met this brand at The Priory circa. 2012, it has become essential to a lot of folks we've had the opportunity to share these wonderful fragrances with.